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Five days to go…time is zipping by!

June 13, 2011

I know – I know;  another Spartan article. But hey, if you want to do something  you’ve got to give it your best right? So just about all I’ve been doing lately is working hard to get ready for this event. The more I watch the videos the tougher it looks but I’m hoping they always put the elite runners in these videos. I’m sure there’s a few older gips like myself crazy enough to get out there and run it.

Actually I’ve adopted a Dr. Zeuss saying for my race day T-shirt… Being crazy isn’t enough. but I figure it helps a little.

Training is what’s really going to help. Today was a triple kettle bell workout and I’m riding my bike to work. Tuesday and Wednesday it’ll be hard core cardio and then one last day of power. That’s it. Rest and raceday.


Here’s another link to the Vancouver race.  It looks tough.  But crazy is as crazy does.

I’ll update, hopefully with a few photos after the race.

Stay well.


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