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Intensity and Balance. Push for the Spartan.

May 23, 2012

Hello again;

My posts are not as frequent lately because my workouts are becoming more frequent. I’m pushing hard as the Spartan is only a few weeks away. I’m trying to draw that fine line between intensive regular workouts and allowing my body to rest and recover; pump up the muscles and work on the cardio yet keep pace with flexibility; get in as much time on the trails, hills and in the gym as I can but also share some quality time with my lovely wife and big brother who is visiting for awhile.

I find attaining that balance is tougher than scaling a ski hill carrying 130 lbs! The weather has been just beautiful lately and I want to just go have fun in the park with Thai, chill out – have a little BBQ and feed the ducks. Or sit around and trade travel tales with my brother. We are both old backpackers and S.E.Asia is our stomping grounds so lots of fun B.S. to share and laugh about.


But then I look at that red circle on my calendar and I count the days. Next thing I know it’s decision time. Gym? Stretch? Hills and weights? Distance run?

I look at Thai and wait for the smile and nod of approval; “Go for it Douggy!” And I’m gone.

So here’s how things are panning out so far;

Tuesday and Friday I practice Muay Thai for 1 hour and that includes a serious cardio workout. Saturday I also do Muay Thai but for 1.5 hours, followed by a full hour of sparring – that my friends is brutal. We do 3, three minute rounds with a 30 second break in between and then a one minute break – switch partners. After the hour my heart rate is up around 150bpm and I look like I just came in from a rain storm.

Wednesday is running and boxing. Early in the morning I run a 10 km trail run. I try to push for speed. The afternoon promises a vigorous hour of mostly technical footwork and punching. I find it really helps keep me focused and light on my feet. Move, move – left, right – forwards, backwards – stop – combination – move, move – stop – jab – cross – uppercut. It’s intense.

Sunday is my crazy hill climbing with weighted vest and dumb-bell weights. That is torturous but most enjoyable when I actually see I’ve managed to get all the weights to the top of the hill. Later that evening I do an hour of Krav Maga. An awesome workout for reflexes and awareness.

The one thing I am missing now is my pull-up bar. It can’t fit in any doorway at my new apartment so I’ll have to improvise something.

In between all of that I still throw around the kettle-bell for a half hour or so.

So, now you see how difficult it is for me to balance that routine with spending quality time with my wife, friends family and work and trying to maintain a decent diet.

…but I”m trying.

However, after all that workout business…

Take care until next time – stay strong and keep smiling – even through the pain.


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