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Garbage cans; Cologne and Cigars!

August 12, 2012

Ok – three relatively common things…but what do they have in common? I would guess many of the runners out there have figured that one out already.

They stink!

I usually try to run in parks or on trails of some sort. But some days I head out on the street. Like last Saturday for example. I wanted to do a fast 5 km to see how my ribs would feel. I did a brisk warm up walk,  a little stretching and off I went. It was garbage collection day and as I ran past the big loud truck dumping the cans in the back, I actually gagged. And hey, I have a good tolerance for that sort of thing. I think this one can had a dead animal in it or something. A little squirrel scampered away as I ran by. He seemed a little pissed off that I was interupting his dinner!

How do those poor squirrels survive. Don’t their little noses work?

I regained my composure and continued on. It wasn’t long before, once again, I had to hold my breath and sprint around this guy puffing on a big, smelly cigar. He seemed to be really enjoying it but it was killing my run. It may seem cool to some, but to a runner it’s horrible…well, to me anyway!

What do you think? Cool or not cool?

Again I caught my breath and hurried on. I turned onto a main street and approached a bus-stop with two ladies waiting for their ride. Lord have mercy, it was worse than the cigar smoke. I could honestly smell their cologne from about 20 feet away. I mean puh-leeze! If I could smell it from there, how would those poor people on the bus handle it? I did a u-turn and crossed the street at the intersection.

my impression of perfume!

I finished the 5 km but it wasn’t a good effort, that’s for sure. Combine those throat gagging odors with others from buses, trucks and cars…the Warrior Dash was much easier, even with the cracked ribs!

Anyway – onward and upward I say! Here’s to a better day and better running in the future.

The ribs are feeling a little better. I still cant do a proper sit-up and throwing a right knee in Muay Thai is still torturous. But I’ll get over it. In the mean time I have to practice my hand stand push-ups…I have a challenge to complete!

Enjoy your life!

I hope you are all doing well out there in cyber-land. It seems quite a few of us took a little break from the computer which I feel was well deserved. Still – nice to be back and see how everyone is doing.

Take care, stay well and as always…smile – even through the pain.


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  1. August 12, 2012 2:14 pm

    I’m with you on this! Smelly runs are no good! I’ll trade a smelly run for some mud anyday!

  2. sonya leduc permalink
    August 12, 2012 10:25 pm

    Yeah even non exercise me , would rather crawl under a fence in the mud. Stick to the nature trails my friend. Fresh air and better scenery.

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